Can I remove the decal once it is installed and reinstall it?


Your decal can be removed but not reinstalled. 


I sold my vehicle, how do I remove the decal from my window?

Your can remove your decal by heating up the decal with a hair dryer or heat gun(only necessary if it is cold outside) then scrape the decal off with a straight razor. Any residual adhesive left on the window can be removed with Goo Gone  or Goof Off.

Can I get a decal in a larger size?

Yes, you can. Send an email to Suzie at suzie@skinnyhounddesigns.com and tell her the decal you want and the size you want it to be. Suzie will then email you a price quote.

Can I take my vehicle through an automatic car wash with a decal on my window or paint?

Yes, you can, it will not damage the decal.

I have an image that I would like to be made into a decal, can you do that?

Yes. Send an email to Suzie at suzie@skinnyhounddesigns.com and include the image, what size you want the decal to be, color of the decal and how many of the decal you want. If you can provide a vector art file (line drawing as .eps or .ai) then set-up fees would be minimal, otherwise, an art fee would have to be charged to convert the image to vector art. Suzie will email you a price quote.

Will the magnet damage the paint on my vehicle?


It will not damage the paint if you remove the magnet regularly and wash the area behind it before putting the magnet back on your vehicle.


How long can I expect my decal to last?

I use a high performance vinyl rated 9 years with outdoor use. However, certain extreme weather conditions can shorten the life of your decal...for example; extreme heat or extreme cold.

I want to put my decal on my rear window, will the wiper blade damage my decal?

If you apply your decal in the path of your rear window wiper blade, yes, it can eventually damage the decal or cause the decal to peel up.

If I scrape the ice and snow off of my vehicle windows, can I damage my decal?

Yes, you can damage the decal. Try to avoid scraping your decal with an ice scraper.